Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Origin

On a fine morning the owner of thevarudaana.blogspot.com was dreaming about something which has four legs, a long trunk, a tail, two beautiful tusks etc. Suddenly the numero uno , Sree Guruvayoor Padmanabhan came near and said

" Hi Mr Varier, you are violating the laws. Dreaming in daytime is against the Laws Of Dreams . But according to clause 8 (a) you can daydream in daytime"

then he continued " Read The History Of English Speaking People and create another blog with an english name for the english speaking people , OK " And he vanished

The owner of thevarudaana read The History Of English Speaking People , turned round and commanded the computer

" Conceive, and deliver an English blog Quick"

Then it happened . The new blog with an english title for the english speaking people

But exclusively for photos


mesiah das said...

alt + ctl + del
ha ha ha

mesiah das said...

enthenkilum paranjillel
nee enthu vichaarikkum ?
that's Y..............
OK ?
U mr elephant das

jerrel said...

This is marvellous. I just had a quick run through the beautiful land of kachamkurissi and I still feel that I'm there.
This reminds me of the wonderful times we had together there.